Getting to Know You: Trivia You Should Know About South Carolina

Hello and welcome to Sand Lapper! My name is Vito and I happily welcome you to my blog! I’m very happy to start up today’s discussion about South Carolina! For many years, I have heard and read about people who wanted to visit our fair state but often wonder at why it would be worth the trip.

To that, I wanted to share a few pieces of interesting trivia about South Carolina that people may not know about!

One of the First

In the history of the United States of America, South Carolina plays a pretty big part in its formation. It is no secret that the US was founded by several different immigrant colonies which came to this land. The colony which had landed and taken root in South Carolina was part of the original 13 which had formed the USA.

Super Weird Laws

Did you know that if a man does propose marriage to a lady of his choosing, it is required by law to fully take place? This can seem quite archaic and I fully agree with that notion! There are other weird laws like it being completely illegal to put a work horse—or any sort of horse—in a bathtub. I gather this was something that being done quite regularly and the local producer of bathtubs could not keep up with the orders for new ones.

Pass the Tea

South Carolina was originally a British colony. So if there is anything that British people loved, it would have to be tea. That, of course, had an impact on local production. To this day, South Carolina is pretty much the only state in the US that grows its tea locally.

And that’s that! I hope that the trivia that I’ve shared with you today helps you to better understand why South Carolina is a wholly charming place and why you should put it on your “must see before I die” list.

What sort of interesting trivia about South Carolina do you know about?

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