Care to Contribute

Hello and welcome to Sand Lapper!

My name is Vito and I wholeheartedly welcome you to my blog! As you may know, this is a site that is going to be focusing on the topic of South Carolina and her culture. There are a great many things that can be discussed about her and I am afraid that I alone cannot do her justice.

That being said, I would like to announce that I am opening up this site for article contributors. If you would like to help add to this site, here are a few standards that I would like to be kept:

Original Content

I highly value and respect original ideas. I understand how they can be somewhat difficult to come by—especially when you’re hit by the ever unforgiving writer’s block. If you are aiming to see your work published on my blog, I hope that your application piece is 1000% original.

Grammatically Immaculate

I hope you understand where this is coming from. As a site which champions American culture and American ideas, it is quite important that the words are all grammatically immaculate. The world right now isn’t as forgiving as it used to be—so no pressure!

Everything about South Carolina

At its heart, this is a blog which aims to champion the Palmetto State’s culture. If you are going to submit any articles here, please make sure that it is relevant to South Carolina.

If you have any questions or if you aim to submit a suggestion or two, you may send me an email through